My Career

Veterinary Nursing Assistant

How many times me and my friends have to explain “no we are not veterinary surgeons” when explaining that we are also not veterinary nurses it all gets very confusing for everyone, We end up telling them we are like Health care assistants but for animals.

Being a veterinary nursing assistant isn’t always a recognised profession, it is only really heard of in the uk and even then private veterinary practices don’t employ us. You will find us working at big charity hospitals like the Blue cross, PDSA, RSPCA. I have 3 1/2 years experience working at a busy hospital doing long shifts and night shifts included.

I qualified late last year and earned my badge I finally had the qualification to start a great career little did I know that I was struggling with my mental health after working so hard I found that my job was effecting me severely , so for now I have decided to take time away from being a veterinary nursing assistant and start a new journey (to have a break from my previous role) and take on the role as a veterinary receptionist.

Who knows what my future holds ? I may move away from the veterinary profession all together or go on to do my Veterinary Nursing, it is a confusing time for me at the moment and I don’t want to make a decision.

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