DIY Spring Rosemary Wreath.

Now I’m no expert as your see in the pictures below but this was really fun to make.

Late last year I got into gardening, I’m lucky to have a quarter of an acre in the back and a nice small front garden.

It was never managed well till last year we payed for gardeners to get rid of all the over growth so now we are starting to get green hands.

What better way to start by making your own DIY wreath from plants in your own garden!

It is messy but i like the natural look.

My Rosemary bush in the front garden needed trimming back quite a lot , I felt bad just chucking the trimmings away because they smell so delicious!

I used garden wire for the base I twisted the wire into a sturdy circle shape.

Then adding the rosemary branches around it, some would naturally fall into place I had tied the branches to the base. I cut the wire using a wire cutter and then found a hook for the front door.

I didn’t buy any new tools or equipment I used everything in my garden so no money was spent, the Rosemary wreath lasted a good 2 months on my front door.

Another idea to make your home smell like Herbs and yummy roast potatoes I used the rest of the rosemary in my home I simply popped them in a vase with water as you would with flowers .

Quick simple and yet beautiful.

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