How I save my mental energy.

Number one: Practice mindfulness

When you put yourself out for others without practice of any mindfulness your soon be drained when you don’t know how to protect yourself.

Number two: Give permission.

Give yourself permission to help others but always close the doors after, by this I mean tell yourself they do not have permission to use your energy. You can practice this with meditation.

Number three: Acknowledgement.

Ever get the feeling of anger or sadness over come you so strong for no reason? Acknowledge your environment be present your come to find you are taking in someone else’s emotions like a sponge and acknowledgement is a step closer to controlling it.

Remind yourself of these three rules daily and you will find that it really helps you be who you want to be.

I sometimes still let people in and I can become very fatigued so When I step aside and practice this everything makes sense again.

Today I have given time to myself that means no one else’s energy has permission to enter mine and if that means spending time alone with just me and the pup then so be it.

My wild flowers.

I’m energy saving for the next day and that is important. you will find your way of saving energy and mine is being with nature.

Finding small hobbies have saved me from wasting time over thinking keep yourself busy and use your energy on something beautiful that deserves it.