When I found out I was an Empath.

An empath is someone who takes on others emotions, it can become so draining and exhausting that most people say it has a negative effect on them, it had on me the last couple of years working in a profession that was high pressured to give adequate medical care to peoples beloved pets in a highly demanding job.

When one team member would have a bad day soon after I was too, it was a ripple affect I came into work feeling fine and confident now all of a sudden I have taken on the persons emotions. It was normal to effect the rest of the team when someone was down in the dumps but I would take this emotion home with me and replay it like pressing a button over and over again.

It was easier when on a shift “out the back” you could chat to your team member and support each other through the day and of course animals never gave off the same emotional attack humans did.

Being on shift on “the front line” I was an emotional sponge for up to 100 people a day I would go home with migraines and started to have night terrors, you could feel the emotions of up to 30 people in one waiting room once a client leaves another would turn up for a appointment.

The same would happen on a night shift with the constant emergency calls.

I have always been an emotional person I cry a drop of a hat, I am sensitive !

One day I spoke to my parents I told them that when someone is in emotional pain I instantly feel their pain, it wasn’t the saying “ow I feel bad for you” I had terrible pains in my chest, it would be a person walking by I don’t know and I would feel this pain when I look at them. I would sense if the person was troubled.

I could also tell you when a certain person is fake and not genuine, the amount of times no one has believed me about “their new friend” who then turns out not a very good person.

Thats when my dad told me I am an empath, call it what you want sensitive or overly emotional i’m going to find the positives in being one.

My sweet Nan and Dad pictured below.